The Role of Women in Leading the Right Path (Tuwid Na Daan)

Topics: Gender role, Woman, Role Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: March 15, 2013

The month of March marks the onset of the Women’s Day Celebration this year’s theme focuses on the crucial roles of women in good governance Finally the role of women as strong partners of society’s fate has been acknowledged. Gone are the days were wives were just left to bow and abide on the wishes of their husbands, endure the consequences of decisions solely made by their partners on raising and raring families, suffer the fate of electing wrong leaders or remain complacent in the atrocities of societies which are nothing but products of men unlawful practices. Gone are the days when women cannot take part in an assembly of intellectual minds of men or struggle in a political arena where only strong men can combat an equally strong men opponent. Similarly gone are the days when women remain silent and nonchalant over issues of peace making and conflict resolutions considering all these things as “men’s work” Today the society greatly recognizes the roles of women in shaping society . Women have a strong say over the varied issues and concerns our country faces nowadays, may it be on the areas of commerce, media, education, politics, economy, business and industry and other endeavors, women have formidable roles. Indeed we can say “Kababaihan: Gabay sa Pagtahak sa Tuwid na Daan” No mother shall be happy to see her children in tail end of endeavors, she would surely find ways to motivate her children to excel thru her undying love and support. No wife would be happy seeing her husband starts to dislike her and tries to seek for more attractive women, of course the wife will find ways to improve herself to remain likable to her husband thus keeping the family intact, making each and every member take the righteous path. No woman-leader would be happy seeing her dear constituents and her town thrive over injustices and unlawful practices, she would surely find ways to see to...
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