The Role of Women in Exodus

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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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The Role of Women in Exodus
Many Jews regard Moses as one of the most important and influential figures in the Jewish religion. He freed the Children of Israel from slavery in Egypt, he was able to talk to God face to face, he was the mediator who saved the Children of Israel from God’s anger, and was viewed as one of the greatest leaders in history. “Moses is the ultimate ‘Spiritual Man,’ and his repute in biblical time and after is awesome. A midrash goes so far as to say that while the Israelites in Egypt and the desert were at almost the lowest possible level of impurity, Moses was at almost the highest possible level of purity,” (Reiss). Moses was a man of God and it seems as if the only one who helped him through all of his difficulty and taught him how to lead was God and only God. However, there were many others who helped Moses throughout his life, a specific sex to be exact. When looking at these women in Exodus, one can realize that not only were they great examples to the world during their time, but they can also serve as inspiration to all in the world past, present and future. When briefly skimming over Exodus, one can find and learn many amazing things about God and His people. However, a commonly overlooked part of Exodus is the enormous role women have in this book. Exodus’ main character is viewed commonly as Moses, a male. Many males, including myself, do not realize the reason why Moses was able to be the leader he was. Many women, before and after Moses’ birth, came to his rescue and saved his life. The role of women never seemed like a big one until I read deeper into Exodus. The main role of women throughout Exodus was clearly their ability to save lives, mainly Moses, but many other Hebrew boys. Women’s lifesaving role in Exodus should not be overlooked by anyone and is much more important than many may realize when studying the book of Exodus.

In the first three chapters of Exodus, the role of women was to either bear...
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