The Role of Vision at Mentor Graphics

Topics: Leadership, Change, Management Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: December 10, 2011
How would you describe the way vision was used at Mentor Graphics? The intentions were good but the process included the creation, which was good then as time passed it became vague and even more confusing and ultimately the vision came back to what the original vision was.

Did it strengthen or weaken the company? How? Why?
During times it did help to strengthen (Beat Daisy) and at other times it actually weakened the company with its six boxes vision. Ultimately it may have helped strengthen the organization with its new short, medium and long term goals and its related visions. Of the reasons covered in this chapter relating to why visions may fail, which ones are applicable to Mentor Graphics?

I think that the leader of the organization had good intentions to create his idea of a perfect vision but somehow lost direction and forgot the foundation that a vision needs to be. The organization should also have transitioned to the Sun Platform sooner than they did. Discuss issues of vision content, context, and process in how vision was introduced and changed at the company. What emerges from this? The original vision went from selling things that people would buy. Which was concise and to the point. Then it changed to assist the importance to beat a rival competitor, then to the Six Box view due to the decline of the organization. From here the organization went to 10X Imperative then to "Changing the Way the World Designs Things Together" (Palmer, 2009). Finally after all these vision changes Mentor finally came back to a vision that was similar to its original which was to create goals that were short, medium and long term goals which related to building things that people will buy. The leadership team got off track in relation to the vision of the company leading to the overall stumbling of the organization. Based on what happened in this company, what are the implications in terms of the three debates about vision drives change or emerges during...
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