The Role of Universities

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The r ole of univ er s ities in moder n s oc iety

Ho me
Imp re s s u m

P u b lica tio n s

E mp lo yme n ts

Ma in Re s e a rch Su b je cts

Site ma p : 1 2 3 4 5 6

P u b lica tio n s a s P DF a n d HTML-file s

E d u ca tio n

Tra ve l o u ts id e E u ro p e

Re co mme n d Site C o n ta ct

The Role of Agricultural
Colleges in Modern
S ociety



The role of agriculture in
m odern s ociety


The role of univers ities in
m odern s ociety

2.1 The proces s of planned
s ocioeconom ic
Developm ent brings new
and additional roles
2.2 The univers ities in
developing countries work
under different conditions

Teaching in a m odern
college of agriculture

3.1 Practice vers us theory oriented training
3.2 Broad training vers us
s pecialization
3.3 Training with dis ciplinary
focus vers us job training

Res earch at a m odern
college of agriculture

4.1 Bas ic vers us applied
res earch
4.2 Monodis ciplinary vers us
interdis ciplinary res earch
4.3 Financing agricultural
res earch

Sum m ary


The traditional func tions of univers ities are teac hing and res earc h. In their teac hing ac itivities , univers ities provide the profes s ional training for high-level jobs , as well as the educ ation nec es s ary for the development of the pers onality . Univers ity res earc h inc reas ed the body of theoretic al k nowledge as well as its applic ation to prac tic al problems . The traditional univers ity res tric ted its elf mainly to a c los e c irc le of profes s ors and s tudents from the upper s trata of s oc iety and lived in relative is olation, the proverbial ,,ivory tower". It produc ed the elite of the nation, and s oc iety — s o to s peak — had to adopt to the elite. Res earc h was the privilege of the profes s ors , determined to a large ex tent by pers onal interes ts and their c ontac ts among eac h other.

W e all k now of the brilliant performanc e of...
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