The Role of the Reflective Practitioner

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  • Published : January 7, 2011
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A – Evaluate the role of the reflective practitioner

In my opinion, the role of the reflective practitioner involves improving my working practices and continual development, reassessing myself and others and having input when problems or needs arise. I can learn through reflection, which can increase my professional knowledge and skills and help me develop problem solving skills, identify training needs, apply learnt skills from one area to another. If I have successfully learnt good practice, and critically looked at myself for the next stage of progression, it will boost my confidence. Reflection helps me see alternatives by having an open mind. My techniques of being a reflective practitioner would be to question myself ‘why, what and how’. Perhaps a task evaluation sheet or discussion with another professional on the task to seek alternatives. Does another childminder do it differently? Do my co workers agree? I can then draw from experience on a similar task. I would keep an open mind and take criticism and suggestions from other child minders, co workers or parents of the children that I care for, do research out of the box i.e. other sources. I would look at situations from other perspectives. Looking at it from a parents view point, how they are greeted, and what bond is being built up. How does a child view an activity? Are they having fun? Is it a good learning activity? Does the child feel that they have accomplished something? I would also think about consequences. Did this outcome conform to best practice? Is this something I can build on? Should I be looking at an alternative scenario if I was repeating this? Sheila Riddle-Leech says in Diploma in Home-based Childcare P.166 ‘You need to look at the resources and equipment that you have and are using. Resources should interest and stimulate children as well as supporting the activity..’ Another way that I could reflect would be to test my ideas through comparing and contrasting. This could just...
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