The Role of the Media in International Conflict

Topics: Gulf War, Cold War, United States Pages: 6 (1751 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Title: The role of the media in international conflict. Case studies: Vietnam War, Falklands conflict, Gulf War.

Since the end of the Cold War there have been countless conflicts that have involved the deaths of millions of people and the suffering of millions more. It is impossible to accurately quantify human suffering due to the conflict. To take one indicator – it has been pointed that more than one million children died in the conflicts, which occurred in the world for last ten years. Conflict is one of the ‘defining features of the modern world’ and from new perspective media has some influence role in resolution or increase violence in it (Puddephatt, 2006:4).

This piece of work is going to analyze and evaluate what is the role of the media in the international conflicts. Media is the most basic informant about the conflicts in the world. Only because of the information systems people have the representation and the image about what occurs in the modern world. Richard Keeble believed that the influence of the media to audience could have an enormous effect, which even can change minds of nations (Allan and Zelizer, 2004:43). Mass media can be considered as ‘image’ of the conflict, which often plays a key role in its exemplification by presenting the information to the people around the globe. Task of this research is to investigate what influences media can put on the course of various conflicts, and what effects it can leave behind its description of certain disputed actions to audience of different nations. Furthermore, media as an important actor in representing facts can take two different and opposed forms in picturing conflicts. According to Puddephatt (2006:4) either the media takes an active part in the conflict and has responsibility for increased violence, or stays independent and out of the conflict, thereby contributing to the resolution of conflict and alleviation of violence. Thus, the question that will be put in the center of the investigation: “Are the media a mouth peace or a watch dog in reporting on international conflicts; and how media reports of conflicts affect the audience? “

Summary of the piece:
To specify investigation of such a topic, the research will consider attention to three case studies, according to which the role of the media in international conflict will be explained, analyzed and evaluated. Vietnam War, Falklands conflict and Gulf War are three case studies, according to which the study of work would be explained.

Vietnam War, Falklands conflict and Gulf War are three case studies, which represent different examples of the media coverage of the conflict. Analyzing of such case studies will bring an opportunity to overlook the role of the media in the conflicts from different perspectives. First of all, all examples took part in different period of time, which means that media development also have its input on the media role in the international conflicts. Secondly, countries where conflicts occurred have different relationships between the media and the state, which will make comparison more comprehensive and interesting to investigate. America and United Kingdom are one of the most powerful states in the world, which basically have different policies and history. Comparison of such case studies would illuminate the role of the media outcomes in the international conflicts.

Furthermore, the research will be support by theoretical frame, mostly considering the Marxist and Pluralist schools of thoughts. Both of schools shows the descriptive analyze of the media position in the politics and mostly important their relationship with governments of different political regimes. Thus, analyzing the role of the media in international conflicts various internal and external political facts should be carefully considered. One of the most important facts is to analyze how media operates in different political regimes (totalitarian or liberal) and what influence...
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