The Role of the Marine Noncommissioned Officer

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The Island Hopping Campaign:

The Role of the Marine Noncommissioned Officer

On the following paragraph I am explaining the important of a Marine NCO and the role they play on the battle field. Truth out the history of the Marine Corps, The NCO always plays a key role in the military. There are the people that trained, guide, lead the junior Marines in all task or mission. They’re the ones that execute and supervise all tasks on the missions while maintaining control and discipline on the troops. Without the Marine NCO the main body of the Marine Corps will be in disarray and the officers will have a hard time running the operations.

What makes the Noncommissioned Officer so important and why a Marine NCO is so different to the other Sergeant of the other branches. The strength of the Marine Corps comes from his Small Unit Leadership. Small unit leadership is defined as accomplishing large objectives using the smallest and lowest force possible. Doing so, Sgt’s in the Marine Corps are the ones that conduct all missions on the battle field. From patrols, counter insurgency, eliminating the enemy or simply take control of an objective. There will always be a NCO with the troops taking charge and making sure the good order and discipline is always enforce at all times. But what makes a Marine Sergeant do all this? What drives this individual to go above and beyond in the call of duty? In the Marines, they trained everyone in a way that if the highest ranking enlisted in the squad or fire team is taken out the second Marine with the highest rank can take charge and keep moving forward and complete the mission. But when we talk about a Sgt. of Marines, things are more different. As a Sgt. of Marines not only you are in charge of the mission. You are responsible for the life and safety of all your Marines. You are the one that will be making difficult decision that may put your Marines in danger and may cost their lives or yours to save them. World...
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