The Role of the Man in the Family

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The Role of the Man in the Family
The Home and Family: Part 2

Introduction 1. A marriage based on godly principles is the key to a strong family. 2. Much weight is placed upon the shoulders of the husband to make sure that his family follows God’s pattern. 3. As a leader, a husband, and a father the man in the family has great responsibility. 4. Many families fall apart because men do not step up and take the lead or they do not lead with the kind of love and care that they should. 5. In this lesson we are going to discuss the role of the man in the family according to God’s plan so that men may know how to be the kind of leaders Christ would have them be. Discussion I. The Man as a Leader A. Lead like Christ: Eph. 5:23 1. Whether a man fulfills his responsibility or not, it still remains that the success or failure of the home rests upon his shoulders. 2. Lead by example: John 13:15; 1 Pet. 2:21 3. Loving leadership: Eph. 5:28-29 4. Sacrificial leadership: Eph. 5:25 5. Tender, caring leadership: 1 Pet. 3:7 B. Taking initiative: Josh. 24:15 1. Often men need to be coaxed into doing the things that need to be done. a. The wife has to constantly pester for the husband to get anything done. b. Spiritual leadership is often left up to the wife because the do not take the initiative. 2. But Joshua was able to say, “As for me and my house…” because he took the initiative as leader in his house. 3. Men, we need to be leaders in spiritual matters, guiding our families in the counsel of the Lord. 4. We need to make sure our family is serving the Lord, that children are learning of the Lord, and the wives are also being edified. 5. We need to set the example in prayer, both personal and public, in Bible study, in serving others etc. II. The Man as a Husband A. Head: Eph. 5:23 1. Not tyrant, “I am head, do what I say.” 2. Rather, responsibility. The security and physical and spiritual wellbeing of the wife rests squarely upon the shoulders of the husband.


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