The Role of Teachers in Restoring Peace and Harmony in the World

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. Dr. Kothri says “the destiny of a nation is shaped inside the four walls of the class room”. The teacher has the greatest responsibility of building a nation. In a multiethnic and multi-religious country like India the teacher’s task is very noble and ennobling.

The world is divided into narrow domestic walls. Hardly a day passes without a terrorist killing an innocent person and somebody murders a person out of revenge. Every country wants to display her power by going in for atomic bombs. In this trouble torn world, we need peace and harmony. This is not possible by changing our religious faiths or declaring a war against a country on flimsy causes and excuses. If we try to study the essence of all religions, we should come to the conclusion that no religion professes hatred and violence. If some people are labeled as terrorists, the religion does not owe responsibility for them. Terrorists do not belong to any religion. They are a separate entity.

In this huge and gigantic world, we can’t think of a single religion and faith. There are bound to be many cultural and religious differences. The people need to live in a state of peace and harmony despite their religious and cultural idiosyncrasies. THE ROLE OF A TEACHER FOR PEACE AND HARMONY

They task of a teacher is not limited to disseminating information but laying the foundation for a peaceful society. The teacher can easily shape and mould the character of the children with his/her ideal character, profound knowledge and wisdom. The teacher should make the children know the difference between knowledge and wisdom. As Bertrand Russell clearly stated the invention of an atom bomb may be knowledge and predicting the after effects of an atomic explosion is wisdom. Un-fortunately., there are many a knowledgeable person in this world but only a few of them are really wise. If a doctor uses his/her knowledge to earn money and forgets humanity he/she is not wise. This applies to all the professionals. Every human being in this world should think of the purpose of his/her life. Once a patient asked a doctor, What is your duty”?” our duty is to save lives’, said the doctor.. Then the patient asked the doctor “Why should we live at all”? The doctor replied that he knew how to save patients but he could not know the purpose of even his life. A teacher needs to be a philosopher and guide to the children. These days everybody is thinking in terms of materialistic prosperity. In fact, happiness is a state of mind. There is no guarantee that riches bring us happiness and peace. Even the poorest of the poor may live peacefully and the richest of the rich may suffer from perpetual mental agony and may lead a life of worthlessness. A teacher is usually simple and humble and so he/she is endearing to the children. But there has been a change in the mindset of the teachers too. They are not as much dedicated and committed to their profession as they should really be .Unless they love the school children like their own children, they can’t do justice to their profession. Unless they love the children, teachers can not inculcate the spirit of love among the children. Love is the only panacea for this trouble –torn hateful world. Man has learnt to live like a fish in the ocean and fly like a bird in the sky but be does not learn to live like a human being on earth. He/she has degraded...
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