The Role of Teachers and Handling Difficult Students

Topics: Emotion, Teacher, Substitute teacher Pages: 6 (2442 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Meeting someone for the first time is always exciting, tense and rather entertaining. Since you do not know much about the person’s past, personality and how he/she would respond to you, the first impression you make is always very important. However, in this modern society, people tend to find out more about the person you are going to meet in the near future through his/her friends or online social networks such as Facebook or twitter. In this case, this new pupil has already been defined by the words he/she spoke of. It has been stated that this student is clearly musical, but the evidence points towards the negative nature of the pupil. As obvious as it may be, a teacher should be ready to teach all kinds of pupils and to be fair, we shall give him/her the benefit of the doubt as we analyze the possible natures of this pupil. For simplicity purposes, let us call this student by the name Clint. Clint must have studied music for quite a reasonable period of time, since he is musical talented, we can safely assume that he has been with other teachers. However his statement “Don’t expect me to work hard or do any practice!” hints that he might be rebellious, reluctant, lazy and stubborn. Further possible behavioral symptoms might be that he has a destructive nature, short-tempered and might have attention deficit disorder. Clint might be going through puberty, with a raging flux of hormones coursing through his veins, causing him to be in a state of self-awareness that he could make his own decisions and nobody can control him anymore. Most young people hate being controlled by others, such as parents and especially teachers. Being rebellious is a hostile response to people trying to control you, even if you know that they are doing it for your own good, but that ability to do the opposite of what they are telling you to do is truly satisfying. If this behavior persists and nobody is able to control Clint, then it would become more and more difficult to control him in the future when he gets used to this. He may love music and learning it or practicing it on his free time, however if he feels that he is being forced to do it, his rebellious nature would invoke his rage, hence a reasonable explanation for his statement. His previous teacher might have been hard on him, forcing him to work hard and practice instead of asking him and telling him why it is essential for him to achieve his musical goals. The lack of emotional relationship between him and his previous teacher might have made his music lessons boring and miserable. Just as I have experienced this myself, I can closely relate to his emotions right now, I did not like my teacher at all when I started learning piano. Hence the most possible reason for his negative behavior would be the lack of emotional communication between him and his previous teacher, unstable hormonal rage and incapable parenting. Maybe his previous teacher was strict, fierce and succeeded in controlling him, and he feels that he has been forced to work too hard, exceeding his capability threshold and feels plain tired. Just like we all have tried using a bluff attitude against our substitute teachers by being rowdy and rough, hoping that she would be terrified by us and would cut us some slack, Clint might be playing the same mind games with us here. He hopes to have an easy life ahead of him and thinks that he can achieve something great without hard work and practice. His ulterior motive is to be able to spend more time playing soccer or go skirt chasing with his friends outside. This indicates that he is not old enough to see the true value of hard work and practice and his priorities are somewhere else, which is common in young people. The environment he grows up in might be key to understanding Clint, his friends might be lazy, skips classes enjoys procrastination. Peer pressure plays an important role in pupils, hence the type of friends he has might have a negative influence. If his...
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