The Role of Stakeholders in Implementing Quality

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The Role of Stakeholders in Implementing a Quality Management Process

The Role of Stakeholders in Implementing a Quality Management Process Stakeholders are valuable assets in growing wealth within an organization. Understanding the power and influence that stakeholders may exert is important when conceptualizing the quality management process. The implementation of a quality management process requires developing a quality-based culture that emphasizes stakeholder involvement and teamwork. The traditional internal process orientation failed to identify stakeholder needs and expectations. Knowledge and management of stakeholder relationships enhance operational competitive advantage (Foster & Jonker, 2009, p. 5-6). Understanding these relationships assist management in defining the applicable quality standards and procedures to attain its objectives. Identifiable in two groups, stakeholders have interest, rights, or ownership in an organization and its activities. Managing stakeholders and addressing their needs is important to successfully implementing a quality management process. The role of stakeholders in implementing a quality management process varies and is dependent on the degree of ownership in their control.

Project management and senior leadership of organizations should understand that stakeholders require integration into their business model to add value as a self-regulating mechanism. Project management implementing a quality management process must understand that stakeholders are responsible for guiding, monitoring, and ensuring that organizational efforts adherence to regulatory and legal requirements, ethics, and corporate responsibility (Nameer, 2009). Organizational success is dependent on the degree of loyalty and satisfaction a company can generate from its consumers, employees, and stakeholders in delivering quality products (Susniene & Vanagas, 2006, p. 83). Inviting stakeholders to participate in collaborative team-building...
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