The Role of Shipping in International Economic Integration

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The role of shipping in international economic integration

what is “International economic integration? “Economic integration is a process of active concurrent execution of two things: on the one hand, add the market economy and every country with regional markets and the world through the efforts made to promote open and free liberalization of the national economy, and on the other hand, join and contribute to building the institutions of regional and global economic 1.With this reason, shipping plays an important role in international economic integration . In this essay, I will look at deeply how shipping is important for the international economic integration through international trade.

My essay consists of 3 parts. After introducing the objective of this paper, the role of maritime transport in international trade are described. On the other hand, the negative impacts of maritime transport are also discussed later.   

The role of shipping in international trade:

Shipping serves as effective, quickly, and economical method in the international trade     
According to research results of Kaukiainen (2012) on the development capacity of the vessels in the two previous stages before-1940 and post-1940, we can clearly see this development happen quickly even volume, speed, and shortened transit time. For example, in 1870, sailing ship in the world has become bulk or 1.500 dwt can speed up to 4 knots in 2000, the world's large container ship can carry 156.300 dwt to transport speed 22 knots.2

Advances in technology have also made shipping an increasingly efficient and fast method of transportation. Over the last four decades total seaborne trade estimates have quadrupled, from just over 10 thousand billion tonne-miles in 1968 to over 32 thousand billion tonne-miles in 2008. Figure 1 also indicates that: crude oil, has been transported from 1969 to 2006, always higher than 5000 billion ton-miles, except for the period 1983-1989....
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