The Role of Posner

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  • Published : February 26, 2011
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How does Bennett portray Posner throughout the play?

In this play we can see that Posner is one of the main characters. He is the youngest of the boys, homosexual, intelligent and Jewish, ‘I’m a Jew, I’m Small, I’m homosexual and I live in Sheffield. I’m fucked’ this quote explains what Posner is all about.

Posner is the one who doesn’t really fit in with the group. He is comfortable with his sexuality and is quite sure that he does love Dakin. He is also seen as the ‘lady’ of the group, an example of this is in the French scene when the boys are acting in class, Posner and Timms play the role of woman. Posner is okay with this though as he would rather be laughed at than excluded from the rest of the boys. Posner is also intelligent and when ever he doesn’t understand a word he would look it up in the dictionary ‘Euphemism . . . substitution of mild or vague or roundabout expression for a harsh or direct one.’ This shows that he is trying to impress the other boys but could also depict a sense of confusion.

From the start of the book we can see that he is the only one that comforts Hector, and towards the end of the book he is the first of the boys to comfort hector when he was upset ‘Posner is the one who comes and after some hesitation pats Hector rather awkwardly on the back’ this is showing that Posner is emotional and wants someone to care for him. He is also jealous that he never gets asked to join Hector on his motorbike; from this we might think that he has feelings towards Hector as well as Dakin. ‘I’d go. I’m never asked’. Posner also realised that Hector never hits him in class, due to this he thinks that Hector might not like him. Posner however looks up to Hector and wishes he would like him.

Even though Posner likes Hector, he relates to Irwin a lot throughout the play. Irwin has a big affect on the boys not just through his teaching styles but also on how the boys act. For example Dakin starts to write like Irwin therefore so does...
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