The Role of Parents in Child Learning

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  • Published: April 3, 2013
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Before I start with presenting my understanding that I developed in course of my immersion into the topic, which I selected for my term paper it helps to first list out the objective behind it. Through this paper I wished to investigate the role of parents in adolescence learning. I focus on adolescence nature and what is the role of family member in child learning development because, the nature of families and family life are generally accepted as being a powerful influence on child development. An important aspect to reflect is as to what triggered me to choose this particular topic. I feel it’s a crucial question for parents who are involved with their child’s learning. The question is why do parents become involved in various aspects of their children’s education, when they do become so involved and how does their involvement influence school outcomes. I am trying to explore, the parental role in children’s development which includes participation in their children's education. These questions encouraged me to choose the topic. THEORTICIAL BACKGROUND:

Human beings are immersed right from birth in a social environment which affects him just as much as his physical environment,society even more in a sense,than the physical environment changes the very structure of the individual…Every relation between individuals(from two onwards )literally modifies them….(piaget 1973 P.156) The most important social environment for children through childhood and adolescence is that of the family. A child learns primarily from his parents before entering school. Even during the schooling years, parental influence plays a profound role in the child’s development. During...
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