The Role of Nature and Nurture

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  • Published : August 29, 2012
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The biological components may be an inherited gene that was passed to this adult such as alcoholism, depression or anxiety. If alcoholism is in the family, the young adult could of inherited the gene and believes that having drinks to relax is the way to go. The effect of alcohol on the individual contributes to the drinking to excess to unwind. The biological status of the individual pertains to the biological and inherited characteristics which affect the response to the alcohol and the mood the person ends up in after drinking. Some individual drink and relax and some will drink and get angry and/or abusive. Some inherited genes will make the individual more or less likely to drink. An alteration in a single gene can cause or deter a drinking problem as well as substance abuse. “The complex nature of drug dependency, involving many behavioral and environmental factors, indicates that any genetic component acts in consort with other nongenetic risk factors to contribute to the development of substance abuse and addiction. Thus, the presence of a genetic factor does not ensure drug addiction nor does its absence guarantee protection from drug addiction. To date, much of the work done in this field relates to alcoholism. Less is known about the genetic aspects of the abuse of other drugs. Animal studies have established that genetic factors contribute to alcohol preference, the reinforcing actions of alcohol, alcohol tolerance, and alcohol physical dependence. While few studies have examined the genetic component vulnerability to the addictive properties of other drugs of abuse, evidence from animal studies confirms the role of a genetic influence on the use and abuse of drugs other than alcohol.” (Herdman, R, 1993, p. 12). Besides genetics the environment can play a part in alcoholism. The people you hang around with, the type of job you have and the household you were raised in can contribute to if you drink to relax or not. If you were raised in a home where...
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