The Role of Nato and the Warsaw Pact in the Cold War

Topics: Cold War, Soviet Union, World War II Pages: 3 (823 words) Published: December 8, 2011
Account for the foundation of NATO and the Warsaw Pact and assess their importance in the development of the cold war.

Tensions had long been brewing between the eastern bloc and its frontrunner and big brother, The Soviet Union and the western powers primarily led by the United States of America. Fissures had appeared between the old allies over Germany, Korea as well as ideological, diplomatic and military operations. These culminated in the final divide between east and west, Communism and Capitalism, international revolution and economic interest; this divide was formalized through the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO and the later formation of the Warsaw Pact in the east. This essay will examine the roles of both NATO and the Warsaw pact in concurrence with other events unfolding at the time, contributing to the development of the early Cold War. The West had long seen Soviet action as mere antagonism, coupled with what the West viewed the establishment of new communist states as Soviet expansionism. The Western powers sought to combat this through the establishment of NATO – which united the member states in a common defensive goal. This was of course perceived as a direct threat by the Soviet Union, who did attempt to join in 1954 but were rejected on the basis that “they aim to subvert NATO”. Exclusion, if anything indicated that the Soviet Union which had applied vowing that they would be necessary in maintaining world peace were indeed the enemies which NATO feared. Furthermore the NATO’s militarization and establishment of army bases and regiments alongside the eastern border or the “Iron Curtain” as Winston Churchill had decried it and the introduction of West Germany into NATO 1955. These factors indicated strongly to the USSR and its allies that NATO was indeed only a tool designed against the Soviet Union. NATO also heavily indicated in their speeches and actions that they would not stand down if an open conflict against the USSR...
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