The Role of Music in the Economy

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A research paper submitted to MDG. Dizon in partial fulfillment of the requirements in ENG 2, “College Writing in English”, 2nd semester 2008-2009

March 20, 2009

Biographical Sketch

Ezekiel S. Trogillo took his high school course and graduated at Quezon National High School in the province of Palawan, Philippines. He is the second son of Mr. David Trogillo and Lilibeth Trogillo who are businessman and businesswoman in their town. He is currently taking his 1st year in B.S. Agricultural Engineering, one of the courses of College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology in University of the Philippines at Los Banos. Because of his interest in music he proposed this research “The Roles of Music in the Economy” in his general education course English 2 “College Writing in English”. This research leads him into a wider knowledge about music.


As the writer, I would like to thank my references for giving me a chance to make them my stepping stone to rich my conclusion in this research and most of all to the almighty God who gave me all in terms of physical, social, spiritual, emotional and intellectual needs to accomplish this research.

First I would like to thank Ronald Milliman, Gordon Bruner, Noel Murray, Deborah Macinnis, Grosvenor Cooper, Whan Park, Staurt Hall, Maxwell Weaner, William Russo, Judith Tizard and Allen Smith for being the authors of the books that gave me the exact ideas about my research. Also I would to thank the following writers of following websites for sharing me some supporting informations through internet: George Johnson of; Judith Tizard of and the writers of

Most of all, I thank my family, friends, and colleagues who continue to tolerate my obsession with doing my best for this research.


Music has different uses in our everyday lives that make its roles in the economy through acting as business’ identity maker, a way of communication and mood modifier.

The Roles of Music in the Economy

I. Introduction: Music has different uses in our lives.
A. Music is used in expressing emotion and meanings.
B. Music gives us pleasure, stillness of mind and spiritual exaltation. II. Music affects the economy.
A. Music pass through a complex process before it will affect the economy.
1. Economy deals with the production of the country. 2. Entrepreneurship is one of the factors of production. 3. Enterprises use music to encourage consumers to patronize their products and services. B. The effects of music to the economy can be found in businesses. 1. Music is use to encourage consumers.

2. Music gives several effects that are all done for the goodness of a business. III. Music has three roles in Businesses that shows its role in the economy.
A. Music can be used as products and services’ Identity maker. 1. Entrepreneurs need identity for today’s overcrowded market. 2. Enterprises base their identities in the whole perspective of consumers’ personality. 3. Music puts the image of a given product or service into the consumers memory. 4....
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