The Role of Motivation

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The United Republic of Tanzania is made up of two formerly independent countries, Tanganyika and Zanzibar, which united in 1964 to form a new nation of Tanzania. The two halves of the republic have somewhat different evolution and system of local government. The mainland Tanzania has a long history of functioning local government, starting with the Native Authorities Ordinance in 1926 (NAO). In 1972 the Local Government was abolished and replaced with a direct central government rule. The reintroduction of the Local Government occurred in the beginning of the 1980s, when the rural councils and rural authorities were reestablished. Local Government Elections took place in 1983 and the establishment of functioning councils in 1984. This process of local government reform is still ongoing. It aims to promote democratic, accountable and autonomous local government authorities, with wide discretionary powers and a strong financial. In this fact Njombe district council started to operate since 1980s.

The general stated basic functions of the local government are: functions and duties, as follows: 1. Formulation, coordination and supervision of the implementation of all plans for economic, industrial and social development in their areas of jurisdiction 2. Monitoring and controlling the performance of duties and functions of the council and its staff 3. Ensuring the collection and proper utilization of the revenues of the council 4. Making bylaws applicable throughout their areas of jurisdiction, and considering and improving bylaws made by village councils within their areas of jurisdiction 5. Ensuring, regulating and coordinating development plans, projects and programmes of villages and township authorities within their areas of jurisdiction 6. Regulating and monitoring the collection and utilization of revenue of village councils and township authorities 7. Subject to the laws in force, doing all such acts and things as may be done by a people’s government 1) The roles of councils as set out in the Local Government Act 1999

Council’s roles are set out in Section 6 of the Local Government Act 1999. Their principal roles are to: • Act as representative, informed and responsible decision makers in the interests of their communities; • Provide and co ordinate various public services and facilities and to develop their communities and resources in a socially just and ecologically sustainable manner; • Encourage and develop initiatives within their communities for improving the quality of life within them; • Represent the interests of their communities to the wider community; and • Exercise, perform and discharge the powers, functions and duties of Local Government in relation to their areas, as contained in the Local Government Act 1999 and other Acts.

3) The councils' objectives as set out in the Act
Councils' objectives are set out in Section 8 of chapter 2 of the Act, and include: • To provide open, responsive and accountable government; • To be responsive to the needs, interests and aspirations of individuals and groups within their communities; • Participating with other councils, and with State and national governments, in setting public policy and achieving regional, State and national objectives; • Giving due weight – in all their plans, policies and activities – to regional, State and national objectives and strategies concerning the economic, social, physical and environmental development and management of the community; • Seeking to co-ordinate with State and national governments in the planning and delivery of services in which those governments have an interest; • Seeking to ensure a proper balance within their communities between economic, social, environmental and cultural considerations; • Managing their operations and...
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