The Role of Media in Influencing Education Policy in Bangladesh

Topics: Policy, Bangladesh, Education Pages: 4 (1529 words) Published: April 1, 2011
The Role of Media in Influencing Education Policy in Bangladesh Mr. Nayeemul Islam Khan
Education is a political agenda. This agenda is always politicised by the politicians in Bangladesh as well as many countries across the world. In the case of Bangladesh good thing is the Chairman of the National Education Policy- 2009 Formulation Committee recently handed over the final draft of a new education policy to the government. It is worth to note that since the independence of Bangladesh, successive governments have formed eight education commissions including Dr. Qudrat-e-Khuda Education Commission 1972. The new education policy is one of the important agenda for the ruling government that included in the election manifesto. The party in position Awami League affirmed before the election that enrollment at the primary level of education would be raised to 100% by 2010, and education up to the level of bachelor’s degree would be made free in phase, while health care for all would be ensured by 2013. Of course, the forming of the education committee was a noble initiative for the government as well for the nation. Besides, Sheikh Hasina government also increased the education budget 2009-2010 than any other years. As we can see that Bangladesh education sector has been going through its chronic problems, such as a proper education policy, relevance of curriculum, quality of teachers, lack of quality teacher’s training and teaching methods, school buildings and safety, accountability, effective local and national assessment tools, inadequate research funds and institutions, lack of quality educational leaders, and lack of partnership with stakeholders (student-teachers-parents-other stakeholders partnership). It is affirmative indication that the proposed education policy 2009 incorporated the general education and religion based (Madrassa) education, which will enable to solve a long-time multi-dimension educational practice in Bangladesh. Hasina administration also...
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