The Role of Media in Afghan Women's Rights

Topics: Human rights, Afghanistan, Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Pages: 7 (2581 words) Published: October 15, 2012
The Role of Media in
Afghan Women’s Rights

Nasim Basiri

The world is becoming global and integral, and women already have to be strong and well equipped. Nature deliberately created us a certain way, precisely to allow everyone to be integrally connected to the general system by way of their maximum actualization in it. A woman’s personal, individual, and unique participation does not contradict the integrality of the whole system, on the contrary, women have a unique perception of life and a great sense of responsibility that should be appreciated and developed. Instead of suppressing women, we must provide integral upbringing and education in order to build an inclusive human society which is based on mutual support and participation in different ways. The Persian Empire (Iran) established unprecedented principles of human rights in the 6th century BC under the reign of Cyrus the great .three centuries later, The Mauryan Empire established principles of civil rights. In Cyrus time, Afghanistan was a part of Persian Empire, so Afghanistan can be called “The Land of Human Rights” and of course women had much highlighted position in that time …, Discrimination and violence against women has occurred in Afghan society for centuries. In Afghanistan violence against women is very much widespread and deeply rooted in different parts of the country. Violence against women is a dramatic problem in Afghanistan that has caused lots of damages to the life of women itself as well as to the society. Women in Afghanistan have no or little voice to be heard and they have always been victims of violence either from their own family or from the society. They have never given equal rights specially the right to freedom and never been treated equally like men because the traditions, customs and practices have always kept men to be superior on women. despite the collapse of medieval Taliban government, some good efforts have been conducted in women’s rights and human rights, but still women are suffering from lots of problems in Afghanistan. The law is not respected, patriarchal culture and family violence are still going on and women are suffering the limitations, discriminations and prejudices in the society. Afghanistan’s constitution guarantees women's rights, Afghan government has signed the international commitment of human rights and is committed to respect it, so the law must be respected and punish the violators of women's rights. Afghanistan government should take serious steps with Afghan men for the equality of women’s rights and permit Afghan women participate in all kinds of social, cultural, political and economic activities. Over a decade of collapse of Taliban government has passed but still Afghan women are limited and Afghan government does not have enough efforts in women’s affairs. Today, in the age of information exploration, from the side of educational functions, it is clear that media plays a very important role in transmission of cultural and intellectual heritage among the nations and human beings, this is true to say that the appearance of social metamorphosis and variation of social values, as a result of media activities takes into a place. Actually, with extensive presence of modern visual, audio and written media, the process of education goes out of the institutions and universities and the world becomes an educational environment. In this process, Media has removed limitations such as: location, time, age and climate, modern human’s life has been affected by media, in one side media is playing a role as a factor of value transmission and cultural norms and in the other side establishes the person or family’s communication with the outside world and finally effects the political and social characters in different ways. The importance and value of these activities is that media with using two...
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