The Role of Management in Achieving Goals

Topics: Management, Middle management, Individual responsibility Pages: 2 (418 words) Published: September 17, 2008
The role of management in achieving goals

To achieve its goals and ensure that the stakeholder’s interests are continually analysed and met, the company employs middle managers.

The company goals can only be achieved if everyone works as a team and supports the company mission and values. Middle managers are an important component of this team. Middle managers have a responsibility within the organisation to implement at an operational level, the policy and programs set out by the senior managers and directors. They have a strong impact on the outcome of customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and the efficiency and development of the organisation.

Middle managers within the company also act as role models who interpret and represent the company; they communicate and track the different goals and policies ensuring information flows up as well as down.

The middle manager’s responsibility is also to identify candidates for promotion to junior management positions. They are required to develop and coach junior managers. Development and coaching will include motivation of their direct reports and may also include other junior staff. This may require the carrying out of disciplinary hearings and terminations of managers and staff that continually produce unsatisfactory results. (Though it should be noted that if correct mentoring and coaching is delivered this should minimize the need for terminations.)

The middle manager is also responsible for maintaining and improving the service being delivered to the customer at an operational level, always having to have one eye on the company’s strategic aims and one eye on the customers and employees needs.

The middle manager position and their responsibilities can vary between contracts, account managers and individuals, with some managers having more responsibility on budget and financial controls than others. There are contracts where the middle managers have very little view of the budget and...
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