The Role of Love in the Princess Bride Essay

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  • Published : June 7, 2012
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The Role of Love in the Princess Bride

Love plays one of the largest roles in William Goldman's The Princess Bride. This story presents love in many different forms. Some characters claim their love to be true for each other, for others this is not the case. The reason love is such a major theme is that it is what sparks the interesting events in the book. Actions such as revenge and dramatic rescues are all sparked through love. Therefore love is present in almost all aspects of The Princess Bride, and is seen is both minor and major characters.

Love is not just present in the main characters, but is very alive in the smaller characters as well. This love is most clear in the situation of Inigo Montoya and his father Domingo. Inigo loved his father so much, that when he was murdered, Inigo dedicated his whole life to avenging him. Throughout the book Inigo often repeats "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya; you killed my father; prepare to die." This shows just how serious he is about avenging his father, and how much he really loved him.

In The Princess Bride, some characters expresses their love for other activities rather then other human beings. Right off the bat it is stated that "Hunting was his love" (64), in referral to Prince Humperdinck. As the story continues, the prince proves this statement true. Similar traits are also seen in Count Rugen. Count Rugen is an associate

of Humperdinck who loves torture and the effects of torture on human beings. Theses characters love for abnormal hobbies are a crucial part in the story.

Finally there is true love. Princess Buttercup and Westly claim to be in true love. Their love is very believable for many reasons. When Buttercup is kidnapped by the trio, Westly goes through enormous feats to ensure her safe return as the man in black. As the story progresses he even suffers long periods of torture for her. On the reverse side, there is no doubt that Buttercup loves Westly. She states that they are...
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