The Role of Kazakhstan in the Conference of Security-Building Measures in Asia.

Topics: Kazakhstan, Russia, Central Asia Pages: 11 (3852 words) Published: February 24, 2013
The Role of Kazakhstan in the Conference of Security-building Measures in Asia. The dynamics and challenges of the XXI century are sweeping and unpredictable. The first decade of the XXI century sets new time and space parameters defining the content characteristics of international relations. Central Asia lies at the nexus of three great culture regions: Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. This geographical position has profoundly guided the region`s historical development, as various peoples, ideas, goods, and technologies have flowed into Central Asia from the surrounding areas for at least the past 3,000 years. Located at the crossroads of the Eurasian landmass, the historical narrative of Central Asia is one of successive waves of invasion from various points of the compass, interspersed by periods of trade, cultural exchange, and intellectual and artistic advancement. There are two important trends in the economics of the energy market as it relates to Asia. One is that Asia is producing, trading and consuming a growing proportion of the world`s energy. Dynamically developing geopolitical and geo-ecological processes in Eurasia put new tasks before the countries of the region. These tasks can be solved only using cooperative approach. World experience and modern tendencies of development show us that Asia needs practical and stage-by-stage administration of confidence-building measures for getting universal approach to security and cooperation issues. Kazakhstan celebrates its independence in December, 16. During all these years the country has reached high achievements in developing its nationhood in spite of difficult geo-political environment and global challenges. Having obtained independence, Kazakhstan was the first one among post-Soviet countries who defined its own way of development ‘Strategy - 2030’. All the achievements of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the sphere of political stability, effective economical reforms, recognition on international level and growth of welfare of the citizens show us well-consolidated and creative labour of the society, and consequently realization of strategic priorities of the nation. Nowadays no one will argue concerning the contribution and success of Kazakhstan in strengthening international peace and security. The realization of multiple-vector of foreign policy of the first President Nursultan Nazarbayev let Kazakhstan become legally competent, honoured and significant player in the world. The progress of a young state and different peaceful efforts are highly evaluated by the international society. It is reflected in high level of foreign direct investment to Kazakhstany economics including realization of certain external political initiatives of Astana. However one should say that there are also achievements in the sphere of industry, agriculture, science, and education but here I would like to add that external policy of our country was on ‘zero-level’. President Nazarbayev told about the difficulties in the period of establishing external policy in a new independent period. He said that we did not have any traditions of foreign-policy activity, and ministry of foreign affairs did not perform diplomatic functions. Could you imagine a country which has difficulties and has not a single diplomatic representation abroad; simple results concerning foreign-policy questions, customs of external policy, and qualified cadres were absent. Balanced and proactive external policy of Kazakhstan proved its competence for the last two decades. And today we do not have any foundations for reconsidering foreign-policy strategy of our government. Here I would like to point out five main achievements in external policy of Kazakhstan for 20-years sovereign history. Firstly, pragmatic external policy which complies with the interests of internal development and tasks of providing national security. Secondly, the policy of developing mutually profitable and good-neigbourly relations....
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