The Role of Justice

Topics: Decision making, Management, Cognition Pages: 7 (2083 words) Published: February 12, 2013
The Role of Justice in Team Member Satisfaction with the Leader and Attachment to the Team By
Jean M. Phillips and Elizabeth A. Douthitt
Rutgers University
Mary Anne M. Hyland
Adelphi University

Deloris Perry
Dr. D. Lynch
Chicago ST.
ELCF 5640-61

Journal Article-1
Chapter five in Reframing Organizations analysis the components of organizing groups and teams. The researchers in this chapter pinpoint the reason for a group’s success: the ability to reconfigures its structure to fit the situation. The key ingredient of a top notch team is an appropriate blueprint of roles. The opening statement of the journal article sites the commonality of team creation is to improve organizations effectiveness. Organization of a group starts with members’ contribuiting to one or more specific aims. The list could include: what is our goal, what needs to be done, who should do what, how should we make decisions, how so we coordinate efforts, what do individuals members care about most: time, quality, participation, what are the social skills and talents of each group member, what is the relationship between this group and other, who will we determine success and who is in charge? Who is in charge, the question to which team members shape their reactions to the leader and the team? Team members’ reaction may be influenced by their perception of the fairness of the leader’s behavior and decision-making process. Chapter five of the book highlights several team configurations, starting with one-boss arrangement. This configuration give one person authority over others, information and decision flow from the top. Group members offer information to and communicate primarily with the official leader rather than one another. The second alternative creates a management level below the boss, two individual are given authority over specific areas of the group’s work. This arrangement works when a task is divisible. Third is a simple hierarchy, with a middle manager who reports to the boss and in turn supervises and communicates with others. A fourth options is a circle network, where information and decisions

Journal article 2
flow sequentially from one group member to another and each can add to or modify whatever comes around. The fifth and final possibility set up what small group researchers call the all-channel, or start network. This design creates multiple connections so that each person can talk to anyone else. Information flow freely; decision require touching multiple bases. Justice perceptions were related to outcomes including trust in the leader and attachment to the team. As part of the context in which leader behaviors take place, team performance may play an important role in shaping team members’ justice perception and in influencing team processes. One common type of team is a hierarchical decision-making team. In this type of tea, each staff member makes recommendations to the team leader based on his or her expertise. Chapter six of the textbook suggests that a good fit benefits both, individuals and organizations. Chapter two under Peculiarities of organizations states: human organizations can be exciting and challenging places. At least, that’s how they are often depicted in management texts, corporate annual reports, and fanciful managerial thinking. In the journal article the authors present several hypothesis the first: that team decision accuracy will be positively related to staff members’ perceived justice. There are three criteria for team effectiveness; output quality, member need fulfillment, and team viability. The second: decision influence will be positively related to staff members’ perceived justice. One aspect of perceived justice is the belief that one’s suggestions are seriously and respectfully...
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