“the Role of Internet in Marketing of Technology Products”

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Internet marketing Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: January 31, 2011
Advertisements play a vital role in marketing of technology products. Over a period of time advertising has evolved as a vital communication system for both customer and business markets. The ability of advertiser depends upon how carefully prepared messages are delivered to target audience. From large multinationals to small retailers, all increasingly rely on advertising and on various forms of promotion to help them market product and services in the most efficient manner. With the rapid development of Internet, the way of advertisement is also has been changed. Now producers are interested to introduce the product with least cost to customer and using the Internet technology, which is available at the doorstep of the customer. Customer has no need to visit the retailer of merchants to get the information about the technology product. Even customer can compare the features of various brands Online and take decision for the best technology product. So the use of Internet has been increased in past decades. Conducting business in the digital economy means using web-based systems on the Internet and other electronic networks to do some form of electronic commerce. Internet is a fast growing tool to promote products and services in the world. It also referred as i-marketing, online marketing, e-marketing and web marketing. This is considered as a strong medium that brings unique benefits to a venture by taking their product and services to the platform of the world at lower costs. The business of any kind of product is now driven with the strategy of marketing through Internet as it is used as a source to reach and communicate the customers using the Internet, companies can provide information about their products and services to the customers through the websites, search engines to co-ordinate the customers and the sellers. Customers can use e-mail to connect to the producers. In today's turbulent times, an effective and innovative marketing medium...
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