The Role of Internet in Marketing

Topics: Marketing, Marketing mix, Electronic commerce Pages: 5 (1541 words) Published: February 28, 2013
The role of internet in marketing
In this task I will be discussing a very important subject of today’s world of business which is internet marketing. To start off my task, I am going to give a general idea of history of the internet, general functions it can perform and how the internet has generally changed the society in many different ways and aspects. The history of establishing the internet originally goes back to 1950s and that’s when it first came on the scene, no one ever thought of the possibility that this project of internet would go quite far with the time. Nowadays, there’s no one that doesn’t depend on internet/computer usage. We’d clearly see that most of the important daily processes and work are most likely to be done through the use of the internet; there would be no such big popularity for computers in our today’s society if it wasn’t for the internet. The 1970s was the period when networks were interlinked, 1982 is the date when worldwide network was established and 1995 can be pointed at as the year when internet was widely commercialised. The internet functions in many different areas and it’s always useful and helpful to everyone in order to accomplish their different needs. For example, internet services such as E-mail provides a great mean of communication, not only between businesses (B2B) but also its very useful between businesses and customers (B2C) as well and customers to customers’ (C2C) communications too. The Internet is also considered to be the most common, advantageous and fastest source of gathering information, for instance the services that the internet presents such as the World Wide Web (WWW) holds tremendous amount of information, much of which is easily accessible and available 24 hours per day. Also, another use of internet’s wide services is that you can process payments through it very easily and smoothly; there are so many advantages of online payments/transactions which the internet’s service provides. Some of these advantages include businesses earning more by enabling customers globally to make their own purchases at any time of day or night, which basically means that an online store-front is open for shoppers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Also, online banking services provided by a lot of banks is considered to be hugely cost effective, that’s because banks don’t need to have too many personnel or clerical staff around to help getting the banking transactions done. Example of B2B: the internet is very useful in B2B operations generally, for instance a company like H&M are cooperated with the Royal Mail for the purpose of delivering the goods to customers and that requires H&M to be in consistent interaction with the Royal Mail. The internet has made it a lot easier for H&M to interact with the Royal Mail and track the items they sent and the orders they receive from their different warehouses across several countries. Example of C2C: there are many examples for how easy the internet has made it for C2C operations and interaction, the example for this would be the service that Facebook and other communication websites provide like Twitter and that service is basically the accessibility to all people to communicate and interact so this interaction can involve customers messaging each others to enquire about products and goods.

Now I’m going to relate the marketing mix to internet marketing and how it developed into the extended marketing mix. This will be done by taking each element of the marketing mix, describing how the internet has affected them. Extended Marketing Mix:

This marketing mix is a tool which marketers use to describe their marketing strategy. It is constructed of the original 4P’s and it expands the number of manageable variables from the four in the original marketing mix model to seven. Product:

there are some products/services that wouldn’t exist without the internet, for instance the service that Skype and Yahoo...
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