The Role of Hrm

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Human Resource Management
Section 1: The Role of HRM
Lucia O’Grady 20054205 Lecturer: Elizabeth Shanley Submission Date: 24.10.12 Word Count: 998

International Business

Human Resource Management
Section 1: The Role of HRM
Lucia O’Grady 20054205 Lecturer: Elizabeth Shanley Submission Date: 24.10.12 Word Count: 998

The Role of HRM1
Employee Communication and Engagement1
Performance Management2

Ireland is amidst its most serious economic recession of the modern era. This cataclysmic turn in the economy has had a huge effect nationwide. It is therefore unsurprising that it has caused an on-going challenge for the HR function. According to a survey done by Talent 2 and Ipsos MORI, 95% of organisations are either decreasing or freezing their annual HR budget. This affects areas such as recruitment and HR systems, training and development, external training and the use of external consultants (Ipsos MORI, 2009). Despite this however, HR is still seen as having a vital role in driving organisational performance. The Role of HRM

The strategic role of a human resource manager is ‘strengthening the employer-employee relationship’.  Human resource managers ‘formulate workforce strategy and determine the functional processes necessary to meet organizational goals’ (Chron, 2012).  Due to the rough economic conditions, HR strategies have been forced to change as a result of decreased funding and a drastic shift in priorities. In order to ensure the survival and recovery of an organisation the main HR priorities are employee communication and engagement, leadership and performance management (Global Hunt, 2009). Employee Communication and Engagement

The purpose of employee communication and engagement is to encourage manpower strength. It is recommended to communicate the business’ economic situation with the employees, focusing on the long term vision at the other end of the recession. Keeping employees up-to-date with current situations and challenges will make them feel valued as a team member. This will keep them motivated which in turn, will hold the team together through the recession – they will be motivated enough to stick by their employer in tough times and will even be prepared to apply themselves to extra projects in order to get the business back on track. Suggested communication mechanisms are town hall meetings, focus groups, face-to-face communications and CEO and senior management addresses. Organisations can also develop a workforce stabilization programme to avoid job losses. This may involve redeploying surplus employees to different departments which have a shortage of workers, in-sourcing production meaning that areas of production that would usually be contracted outside of the organisation are now performed in house and also, introducing staff sabbaticals lasting from between two months and a year. HRD in some firms was also effective. This involves re-training or cross-training employees to enable them to undertake tasks in other departments. In addition to this, working time can be...
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