The Role of Family in Educating-Socializing Children

Topics: Family, Father, Mother Pages: 26 (7456 words) Published: July 30, 2012
The Role of Family in Educating-Socializing Children: The Case of Vietnam Nguyen Thanh Binh
Free University of Berlin, Germany, Institute of Sociology, Gary strasse 55, 14195 Berlin, Germany
Abstract: Vietnamese families are the first, primary and deciding factor in educating-socializing each person. It is through families that people can learn the standards, values approved by the society. Families are the first human group, which people are raised, looked after, educated and grown up. During childhood, children live in families and learn a lot by observing and teaching, and know what is wrong or right, should or shouldn’t . In Vietnamese families, fathers and mothers play the most important role in educating children. Fathers symbolize intelligence, will, and family discipline to unite children-especially sons. Mothers who are often careful, close to children everyday, find out and timely shape misleading, and better at raising children lifestyle. With tender and tactful attitude, mothers convert, persuade and teach children to love even when they grow up. Key words: Children, education, family, socialization, Vietnam INTRODUCTION

Each person was born twice: biological and social
person. In terms of biology, the birth of human is not
different from that of other animals. The research of
anthropology, sociology, linguistics has proved that if one
baby is separated from the society and its culture, he is no more than weed in the fields or other animals.
The process of changing a baby from a natural organ
to social person happens through educating-socializing.
This refers to the second birth. In spite of being humanly
born, the baby will never become human if he is
uneducated and entirely separated from society.
According to the famous American sociologist, Robert
Park, Human born is not already human, he only becomes
human in educating process. Similarly, the French
sociologist, Sabran said: Society is like a ship, individuals who must step on social ship to become social person. If
not, he will still stay at the harbor" (Van, 1996).
The important position of the family education can
be denied because it is the first and lifelong for each
person (Chuong, 2000; Lan, 1994; Xuan, 1997). Different
children from different families bear sophisticated
characteristics. The Vietnamese sayings such as such
fruit, such tree or like father, like son and such beef, such broth is absolutely right to talk about the important role of the family in educating and rearing children. Families are
home where people are raised, taken care of, educated and
mature. It is in the families that people absorb life
experience, moral and cultural standards of societies. The
first roots of one personalities, hobbies, attitudes towards life, etc. are shaped in families (Lich, 1990). According to A.C. Macarenco what parents do for children before the
age of 5 is 90% of the result of educating (Chuong, 2000).
Therefore, wanting children to fully develop their
character, and not opposed with social requirements,
families must educate children from the early age make
hay when the sun shines. What learnt in the cradle lasts
till the tomb However, families play an important role not
only in the early period of human character building
(provide social experience, rear, look after, train habits
and skills from the early age) but also for the whole life as a successive process because people always have to learn
how to adapt to new situations and environment in which
families are the link between individuals and societies.
Families take part in all the process of educating and
socializing in human circle. At any period the role of
families is clearly identified.
At infancy, families are the first socialized
environments of a child. Shortly after the birth, newlyborn
babies are inclined to the surroundings and begin the
acquisition. The senses such as ears, eyes, mouth and skin
of the child show the feeling of hearing,...
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