The Role of Education in Intelligence Development

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  • Published : January 30, 2013
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24 October 2012
AP Language and Composition ,
Mr. P
The Role of Education in Intelligence Development
The education system has an important role in developing intelligence, but one thing is for sure, every person’s intelligence is different. We all learn at different paces, some of us get things faster than others do. For this reason some students think intelligence is innate (Dweck,1). This causes most students give up and not try any longer.

In “The Secret to Raising Smart Kids”, Dweck’s studies show that teaching people to have a “growth mind-set” helps make them into high achievers in school and in life. Education comes in this “growth mind-set”, teachers can teach their students a little on how the brain works. My teacher in the past has told us about “fixed mind-set” and “growth mind-set”. She compared a “growth mind-set” with a plant. It keeps growing, but not on its own, you need water and protein to keep the plant alive. The plant is the brain, the water and proteins are the new information you learned in school to keep your brain growing. In a “fixed mind-set”, she compared it to a box. A box doesn’t grow. All you can do with a box is make it smaller or if not it stays the same. I know I’ve said it before that we all learn at different paces, but for me this presentation our teacher gave us pushed me to do better and not have a “fixed mind-set”, and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only student that was able to change. If I was, it’s still one student that didn’t think they could succeed in school, but learned that if you keep thinking that they won’t get it they won’t and just give up. But if they keep trying and have it in their minds that everything is possible, you just have to put more effort into it, you can do it. Education is an important part in intelligence.

Without the education we have, we wouldn’t know the things we know. In school you go into depth about the things we learn and the test we take make sure we learned the...
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