The Role of Culture

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Vissing (2011) explains culture as “an organized system of living and thinking. It contains shared attitudes, values, goals, and behaviors that are present in individuals, groups, organizations, or regions of the world” (p. 24). Describe some of the ways that the role of culture can shape our expectations about how people are supposed to behave? Use the following terms in your explanation: values, norms, material, status, groups and roles.

Culture can shape our expectations about how people are exposed to behave. Having a father who served in the Army, my brothers and I had to learn a lot of interesting things in life. Material components for my family growing up had to deal with a lot of hand-me-down clothes, playing outside all the time because we didn’t have a TV, and we didn’t have computers.

Values are emotional charged believes that represent a set of principles that someone in regards to be good or correct (Vissing, 2011).Values are still a big part in my life, being taught right from wrong turned me into the person I am today and now I am teaching my children the same values that I was taught back then. My brothers and I knew that if we ever did something wrong we were going to get in trouble for it.

Roles are specific behaviors that are expected for people to hold a certain status (Vissing, 2001).Growing up as an Army brat we knew as children are places in the family, we helped our mom clean the house and our dad went to work 12 to 14 hours a day then came home and we mostly would stay out of his way. Our roles happen to be easy growing up.

Norms are recommended patterns for behavior for most of the people most of the time given specific situations (Vissing, 2011).The norms of being in the Army brat was seen my dad put his uniform on every day and going to work, mom coming in getting this up for school making sure we were dressed, if she didn’t like what we had put on we were told to go back and put on something different.

My family is a...
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