The Role of Communication in the Modern Life

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  • Published : November 7, 2012
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The Role of Communication in the Modern Life
Over the last years the role and the sense of the communication have changed appreciably. All these changes happened because of significant development of technologies. They have brought radical change in communication. More often people use such modern technologies as Internet, Skype, e-mails, mobile phones etc. to communicate instead of face to face communication. And often, the points arise how useful are all these developments? Why do so many people draw their attention to that question? Firstly, people want to expend lesser efforts and at the same time do their own business. For instance, mobile phones help us always to be in touch with anyone throughout the country and also beyond the borders of the country and simultaneously people can do different tasks. However, with the invention of the mobile phone people do not have a free minute: almost every minute they talk to someone. Furthermore, we can't be sure if these devices are safe for us and not damaging our life. But as a result, they are very convenient for communication and people can't imagine their life without them, they became a commonplace for everyone. Secondly, I fully agree that knowing how to use the Internet is a great advantage nowadays. The Internet is a huge and incredible source of information and knowledge at work, at school and, of course, at home. Besides, it provides us with a quick and easy means of communication in the form of e-mails and we should not forget about Skype. In my opinion, Skype, in contrast with e-mails, is more popular nowadays. It is the easiest and the cheapest way of communication. For example, when people live far from each other and the phoning is expensive for them, they may use Skype to communicate. Such communication is close to face to face communication, because they can not only hear the interlocutor but also see him. This programme are useful for old people, because they can see and hear their...
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