The role of CO2 in global warming

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  • Published : November 19, 2013
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Lê Lan Lam – USTH BI3-044
Writing project 2: The role of CO2 in global warming
Nowaday, climate change and global warming are very urgent problems of the world. There are many mixed opinions about the role of CO2 in those processes. Most of people – such as Rosanne Skirble write in “Scientists 95% Certain Climate Change Is Man-made”, or GPWayne with the article “Empirical evidence that humans are causing global warming” – believe that CO2 is the main factor and human – who release majority of greenhouse gases – are the culprits. But some argue that it just it contributes only a small fraction and current climate predicting models just hype things up – like Lewis Page proposed the NASA researcher’s proof. The amount of CO2 and the other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are raising, it is a truism. Both Wayne and Page gave the data of NOAA about the concentration of CO2 and claimed that it has increased by half since mid-19th century due to human activities. Everyone agrees that human is the main source of greenhouse gases. Skirble cited from Brenda Ekwurzel, a senior climate scientist, that the warming happened since 1951, and more than half of its causes are due to human activities: “the burning of fossil fuels in factories, buildings and cars, are emitting heat-trapping gasses”. Some researchs indicated in articles of Skirble and Wayne also pointed out the closed relationship between the disasters, climate change, global warming and the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere and accuse the CO2 as the critical element and human are blamed to cause the warming up of The Earth. Wayne talked about the spectroscopy to show that CO2 is the main perpetrators causing the increases in temperature on the planet by trapping energy at very specific wavelengths, while othergreenhouse gases trap different wavelengths. In the other hand, Page mentioned an experiment of NASA to prove the opposite opinion. Lahouari Bounoua of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Cente acquainted CO2...
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