The Role of Chicana Women in Society

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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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JannineClare Mendioro
K. Land
Puente English 102
Paper #5
My mom would sometimes look at me and says my generation is lucky. I never did give a thought what she meant about what she said especially when I came from a family, a clan where women are normally treated as equal as men and sometimes are more precious. But as I slowly grow up, I realized my family traditions view of women are different from the majority of people. In majorities, traditionally women are supposed to stay at home, take care of the kids and dependent towards men. The only females that were permitted to go during the old days were wealthy privilege daughters. During the generation x, women have concerns about equality. Even though Anglo women generally have the same concern with color women, Chicana women have more problem due to their cultural difference which cause Chicana to struggle to adapt in current society means. Regardless what race, majority of women were conventionally oppressed and were not seen equal to men. In “La Chicana: Her Role in the Past and Her Search for a New Role in the Future” by Berinice Rincon, Rincon portrays Chicanas role in the family. Rincon explains that Chicana women are “ ... expected to be submissive, faithful, devoted, and respectful to her husband and to take the major responsibility for rearing the children”(25). The wife's role in the family is to take care of the kids and the household chores. She is not expected to do anything that’s not related to household chore and taking care of the children. Specifically, “…. Nor is she supposed to share in [her] [husband] political, economic or social activities unless they are centered around the home”(Rincon,25) and she may “… not interrupt when [he] talk about the things that interest [him] and [his] friends”(Brady,25). As Brady stated, the ideal wife is “A wife who will have the house clean”(25). Brady is a white housewife who is also expected to do the chores at home. Women were not supposed...
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