The Role of Censorship

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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In Book III of The Republic, Plato addresses the basic principles of education and the role of censorship in a just nation. He begins by compiling that education should consist of music, and poetry for the rational part of the soul, and physical education for the spirited part of the soul. Both together generate a harmony in the soul which is, the ultimate goal of education. Plato then states that education in music and poetry begins before the physical training. He then describes that beginning of any process is the most important. Which is true, the beginning of the process lays out the foundation. Let’s say a woman does drugs during her pregnancy; her baby might come out with deformities, because negligence during the beginning process of the infant’s life. Plato goes on further in expressing that we nurture the youth by telling them two types of stories; some true, and others false. By telling children stories we begin to mold, and feed the youth inner morals. It is important to do this while children are still very young because it is at this time that they are most malleable and take on any pattern one wishes to impress on it. Which is true, because a child doesn’t know right from wrong until he is shown the distinction. A person could be raised with bad morals,and yet believe that he is doing good, due to his bad upbringing. Plato states that in order to make sure education goes well, the philosopher-kings must control storytellers. Socrates believes that people want to mold their children to be good citizens. He also believes that young people need to be told as they grow up noble fictions, and useful lies. Plato believes that this type of education is beneficial to society as a whole. Plato assumes that children learn from what they are told. Which is true. For example, in the movie Matilda, (1996) when Harry Wormwood punishes his daughter Matilda for being, in his eyes, a smart aleck. He tells her, “When a person is bad, that person has to be...
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