The Role Money Plays

Topics: The Bahamas, Tourism, Florida Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: November 20, 2012
Critical Text-Based Analysis

Money plays a vital role in Bahamian society. Throughout the years our governments have placed our cultural identity at risk. They negotiated contracts and decisions based on our country’s financial circumstances. It is evident that our islands are truly “up for sale” but this can have drastic effects. As the years go by The Bahama Islands are being sold for the naturalness of what they are and are being transformed into something different. Nowadays, there are more aspects of American culture rather than Bahamian culture on display. If this continues our country will eventually succumb to the hands of its main financial provider, the United States. The Bahamas is too dependent on other societies and if we don’t change our mindsets our culture would be destroyed. Immigration has become a major issue in Bahamian society. Many migrants travel here searching for a better way of life. Their values and customs have greatly influenced our society. This was indicated by the author in paragraph three, “Abaco is called ‘Wcylef Jean Refuge’ after its new owner, the Haitian hip-hop superstar, while white Abaconians steam in lobster-red fury at the fact that their land could now be owned by a Haitian.” This agitated the natives of Abaco because their beloved island is now owned by a Haitian. In the Bahamas, Haitians are populating our islands in vast amounts and are influencing our culture. This has led to clashes among the societies which have caused a negative opinion of them. This evidence proves that our native culture is on decline and must be preserved. The Bahamas is known as a tourism country. Most of our income comes from the tourism industry. This has allowed our country to become a popular tourist destination. However the government constantly jeopardizes our main source of revenue. This was stated in paragraph 6, “Dead dolphins and whales beach daily like drowned slaves.” As a result of signing the Pipeline Contract, many...
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