The Rodriguez Family Crisis

Topics: Plan, The Help, Reliability Pages: 3 (1023 words) Published: November 7, 2012
The Rodriguez Family Crisis

The crisis that the Rodriguez family is facing is very serious. They are dealing with a flooding in their area that has caused them to lose their home and their only means of support, which is Mrs. Rodriguez job. The basic needs that need to be addressed is, the Rodriguez family is in need of somewhere to stay and means of getting food, clothing, and necessities that would carry them through this crisis. The first thing I would do is help the Rodriguez family cope with their crisis is, to understand the situations they are facing. After discussing their situations, I would make plans to gather food, clothing, necessities, and shelter for them. I would explain that putting them into a shelter is just until we can find them an apartment/home that is suitable for them and the girls. The second thing I would take with Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez is, getting them set up with Social Services so they could apply for emergency food stamps so they could purchase food and Medicaid to help with any medical expenses for them and the girls. I will also assist in helping with them getting the housing authority to help with finding them an apartment/home and help with paying for their rent expenses. I will explain to them that these resources are here to help people such as them who are in a crisis and in need of emergency help. After helping the Rodriguez family set up with Social Services and the housing authority, and all the paper work gets the approval, I will begin to assist in helping them find an apartment/home that is suitable for them and close to Mr. Rodriguez and the girl’s schools. I will discuss with them that not only must the apartment location be suitable for Mr. Rodriguez and the girl’s; however, it must be suitable for Mrs. Rodriguez to find a job in that area. I will discuss with Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez on how “The plan should focus on systematic problem solving for the client and be realistic in terms of the...
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