The Rocking Horse Winner

Topics: Motivation, Gambling, Mother Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: March 3, 2013
The Rocking-Horse Winner

In D.H Lawrence's short story, “The Rocking-Horse Winner,” we see a child named Paul that was on a quest for luck, that will enable him to win money. Motivation, gambling and addiction all assist in his quest for luck.

Paul had many motivations for his quest for luck. One reason was to prove to his mother that he is indeed lucky. His mother tells him that she and his father are very unlucky, also she states “ if you are lucky, you will always get more money.” Being a child shows that Paul is innocent and just trying to help his family out. The boy goes on to tell his mom that he is lucky.But he can tell that she does not believe him. “This angered him somewhere, and made him want to compel her attention.” This motivates him even more to prove to her that he is lucky. Another reason why he strives for luck, is because his family makes low income and has financial issues. If he had luck, he would have money for his parents. Also Paul explains that there is a “ whisper all over the house: there must be more money.” He heard it constantly in his house, and figured the only way too get rid of it would to find luck and get more money.

Paul’s quest for luck begins, his luck sets off by him riding his rocking horse, he says “Now, take me to where there is luck! Now take me.”He discovers that he can ride his rocking horse and discover the winner of a certain horse race will be, he begins to bet on them, and the real trouble begins.Paul started by being partners with the gardener and making small bets. Eventually his uncle Oscar got involved and they made larger bets. .Oscar acknowledges that Paul's wagering makes him nervous. But rather than take steps to stop Paul, he encourages him and asks for tips on winning horses. Making great amount of money, he secretly gives his mother 5000 pounds. He didn't want to tell his mother that he has luck just incase if it would go away. Its as he thinks that his winning will free his mother from...
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