The Rocking Horse Winner

Topics: Symbolism, Love, Symbol Pages: 3 (973 words) Published: June 6, 2012
Through out the book “The Rocking Horse Winner”, author D.H Lawrence uses a number of literary devices such as description, archetypes, and symbolism. One of the most prominent themes of the book is in fact the symbolism. Lawrence uses many different examples of symbolism in the story, to represent many different things. Three of the most important symbolisms however, are money; used to symbolize lack of love and affection, Paul’s rocking horse; to symbolize masturbation and his love and fantasies for his mother, Hester, his mother; who is used to symbolize greed, selfishness and materialism. One of the most important symbolisms in the book is money. Money is used throughout the story to represent the lack of love, affection and relationships between family members. The house repetitively yells that “there must be more money, there must be more money”. Meaning, there must be love. The way the book talks about the father it gives the impression that he doesn’t participate actively in either the children’s lives, or his wife’s. It is said that the father is always at the office, or drunk. As a direct result of this, his relationship with his wife and children wouldn’t be strong. In the beginning of the book it states that the mother “married for love, but the love turned to dust”. This says that she is no longer in love with the father, and things are tense between them. Also mentioned in the book is the fact that she resents her children. She feels as though she is incapable of loving her children, they can sense this. In the book it also often refers to how the children look at one another, and speak through their eyes, not through speech. Another example of symbolism in the story is Paul’s rocking horse. Paul’s riding of the rocking horse makes the sexual suggestion of masturbation. This symbol comes from the psychologist Sigmund Freud who believed that young bys are sexually attracted to their mothers and subconsciously fantasize of replacing their...
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