The Robot

Topics: Emotion, Feeling, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: January 28, 2009
Not Everyone Is open Minded

Published on a poem website is a love poem written by Michael Mack. It is known as, The Robot. He wrote The Robot from a personal experience in the year of 2007. Mr. Mack was in Ft.Lauderdale, Florida, when he wrote The Robot. His Purpose in The Robot is to show that there are two sides of the story when a person is close minded. Either, that one person is “The Robot” that does not know how to show it’s feeling or the one who misinterprets that “Robot”.

One side of the poem expressed in The Robot was the feelings hidden. Mack expressed the feelings closed in, but never said a word he felt. The poem doe not necessary say the reason being why the poet was this way, but it was exposed of his insecurities. Consistently, Mack pushed away a girl interested into getting in a relationship with him and held his guard up. In The Robot, the golden hair girl insists of a close relationship, but rejects the opportunity. He states he has a “ Solid-steel Heart” and has no emotions. She ignores his rejection and repeatedly insists to not give up on being with “ The Robot”. She then states, “ I love you Robot”, but he reminds her of not to expect more of what he had told her in the beginning. Then the crying girl is heartbroken and demands for the robot to leave.

People can easily mistaken the heart of a silent “Robot” and not realize they do want to say what they feel. It just isn’t as easy for them. The girl in the poem always tried to work through the solid-steel heart and never gave up. When you consist over and over it can become tiring of being rejected. Towards the end of the poem the girl is weary and does not force the robot to release his feelings in return. In the poem, the girl states, “ I will not live beside a friend who cannot give!” She goes on about the misuse of her love she has given to him, “Though I be battered by misuse, misguided trust and strong abuse.” As given in quotation, the girl is hurt and does not seem to...
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