The Roaring Twenties Dbq

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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The Roaring Twenties-DBQ Essay 3-12-12

The 1920’s were great years of success and prosperity for all Americans after The Great War which caused so much commotion in The Untied States. The twenties had many changes that were both positive and negative. Many Americans were pleased with their wages increasing and more changes in the way of life while others, such as the victims of intolerance, had more different opinions of this decade. That’s why it’s called the roaring twenties. Women were always thought of as delicate little pieces of fine china that needed to be locked away from the big, bad world because of how sensitive they were. But the twenties proved that ancient theory wrong. In the Twenties women broke old rules and began to live in the real world, a man’s world. For example documents 3 and 5 show how women made such a bold impact on the conservative society. Document 3 shows two pictures of women that would be considered “Flappers”. These flappers showed how much the lifestyle of the average American women changed by how they dressed such as the way in both pictures. These pictures show a woman getting a flask of alcohol out from underneath her dress; this showed how women broke the laws of Prohibition and drank. The second picture is a drawing of two women that are smoking, wearing loose fitting clothes, and wearing makeup, having a “Bob” haircut and the best is the purses. Women carrying a purse showed that she was independent from a man and could carry her own spending money. Document five is a political cartoon showing women on top of a ballot box. This shows that women could finally vote and the nineteenth amendment made this simple overdue right official. Women could now have a say in politics and government after this long struggle called, the suffrage movement, worthwhile. Way to go suffragettes! Mass Production was a major contributing factor in the roaring twenties. For example in document one it shows how car sales drastically...
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