The Roaring Twenties

Topics: Mickey Mouse, Clarence Birdseye, 1920s Pages: 4 (1409 words) Published: November 28, 2010
America has really grown to be a great country. America has shaped from the things that have started in the past. The 1920’s is one of the decades that America has been shaped from. The literature, fads, companies, and advancements are some things that have helped to shape America. The 1920’s have made an impact on today’s American current culture. The roaring 20’s was a fusion of music and literature. Reading was a popular recreational activity especially during the winter months when other forms of activity were limited. Prior to radio and television most people gained knowledge of the wider world and current events through printed material. Consequently books, newspapers and magazines were an important part of most people’s lives and formed a large part of their education. A knowledge of the classics was considered an essential part of a good education. Many American classics came out of the 20’s from writers such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Carl Sandburg, and Robert Frost to name a few. These writers captured the exciting life style of the 20’s. ("The 1920's Experience: Literature.") The 20’s still have an impact on us today. We are still reading and learning from these great writers works. The Great Gatsby captured the excessive life style of the 20’s. This reflects the excessive of today’s life style. Ernest Hemingway wrote plainly about economics and social issues. One of his ideas was the view that the loss of liberty anywhere in the world is a threat to liberty everywhere. This idea is certainly playing out on the world today. (Oracle ThinkQuest Library.) Literature today in the form of novels and short stories are very popular today. Children are being taught to enjoy reading at a very early age. One aspect of literature that has really changed is newspapers. Today many news papers are going bankrupt because people are getting their news from TV and the internet. In the near future the internet is going to become the biggest...
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