The Roaring Twenties

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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During the 20th century took place a period of reform in the United States. This period was known as the Progressive Period, which was the attempt of the United States to solve problems that were created due to rapid industrialization after the Civil War. Unlike the Populist reforms the Progressive reforms helped more people, and was more successful.  The Progressive reforms solutions focused on fixing economic and social problems such as factory conditions and government corruption.  During the 20th century companies did not care about what the  consumers were getting for their product  they were more worried about making a profit.  Reforms were created to help protect the consumers and the goods they were buying. Also during the 20th century there were thousands of children working in mines and factories. Reforms for child labor started in the state level of government, which passed laws to push children out of workplaces such as factories and mines and into school where they belonged. Many workers worked in dangerous working conditions during the Industrial Revolution and during the Progressive period progressives created reforms to better these conditions for the workers.

The Progressive period reforms were created due to all of the problems that became during the Industrial Revolution. Child labor, poor working conditions, and consumer protection were all problems that were created along with many others during the Industrial Revolution. Child labor was an issue because children at very young ages were working in factories, mines, and other workplaces with dangerous conditions.  The owners did not care about the workers at all, they only cared about profit.  The workers were seen as “machinery” to the owners and could be easily replaced by other workers if needed. Children who work in factories were at a great risk at getting hurt due to the lack of safety equipment on machinery because the owners did not want to pay for the equipment even though it was a...
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