The Roaring 20s Leading to the Great Depression

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  • Published : April 27, 2008
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The Roaring 20's
The roaring 20's was a time of renewal leading to the prohibition era and the Great Depression. Everyone was in a good mode and believed times were only going to get better. During The Roaring 20's an act was put in effect to prohibit the wholesale and retail selling of alcoholic beverages, this was known as the “Prohibition Act.” This leads to the development of the mob and speakeasies. The Roaring 20's ultimately ended with The Great Depression.

Life in the twenties was a good life, people felt as if all was well in the world and things were only going to get better. Some pastimes of the twenties involved going to the movies, beach, or dancing to the new sound of Jazz. Jazz was the newest thing to come up on the charts in the music industry. Jazz was born in New Orleans via a combination of black and creole music. Three events that took place in the twenties are as followed: November 2, 1920 First Radio broadcast, women get their first vote in the election, November 26, 1922 Archaeologist find tomb of Tutankhamen, October 2, 1925 Scottish inventor invents the first form of a television, and many, many more events toke place.

The government wanted to find a way to make Americans stop their drinking habits from fear of a generation of drinkers. In 1919 congress passed the 18th amendment to the constitution to prohibit the sale and manufacturing of alcohol. Prohibition ended in failure as the government found it did not improve American lifestyle and hygiene. The prohibition act was a spring board for organized crime. Chicago's Ale Capone was a major supplier of alcohol in this era. Many people went to speakeasies which were hidden bars to consume alcohol. One speakeasy was located in the basement of a flower shop.

The Great Depression was a hard time fore all people in that time. Many people became homeless and lived in towns they called Hoovervilles after the president. The Great Depression was kicked off with the stock market...
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