The Roady Essay

Topics: Meaning of life, Man, Family Pages: 3 (887 words) Published: January 12, 2013
The Road Essay

The Road, by Cormac McCarthy, depicts a post-apocalyptic world filled with cannibalism, death, and a longing for survival. Among other things, race and religion no longer distinguish society into defined groups. The human beings are either considered good guys, or bad guys through the eyes of the father and his son. Surviving in this world, when knowing what life was like before, creates newly discovered hardships and an inevitable feeling that life is meaningless. This novel follows the boy and his father as they continue on their journey of survival, due to their view that their lives still hold value. In a world as disastrous and broken as this one, life maintains meaning through connections, love and hope.

A connection with other human beings allows life to be meaningful, even in the midst of suffering. The boy and his father have close to nothing, except for each other. It’s the existence of their connection that makes it worth continuing the struggle. We see how meaningful connections are to the father when a flashback from his childhood is described. The father and his uncle spend the whole day sailing across a lake to retrieve a piece of firewood. “Neither of them had spoken a word. This was the perfect day of his childhood” (McCarthy, 13). Even though there was no verbal communication that day, the man and his uncle spent the day sharing a deep connection with one another. They worked together in a common task, with hopes of reaching the same goal, making it the perfect day in his childhood. Most of the days spent between the man and his son are similar to this perfect day. They work together everyday in order to reach their common goal, survive. It is this connection between the two of them that creates some meaning in their lives. Meanwhile, a lack of connection is also present in the book to show how life is meaningless without it. Unlike the father and the son, their mother had lost her connection to her family. Her fears of...
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