The Road to Success

Topics: Thought, Mind, Debut albums Pages: 2 (277 words) Published: December 14, 2012
The struggle of man begins at
birth, the road to success is a
rough way to a nice destination,
governed by numerous barriers of
obstacles, success doesn't come 2
u... You go to it.
As all men were born helpless, it's
a personal decision to b optimistic.
Being aware that nothing good
comes easy nd nothing can b
achieve on a platterof gold. Try 2
knw where u re going 2 because
"the whole world set aside 4 d
man who knws where he's going".
Moreso, believe in ur own
opinionnd listen to all men nd
teach how to filter all hears on the
screen of truth nd take d good
one's dat comes through. Bear it in
mind that there is no shame in
tears nd never u follow d crowd
when u knw its a way to
Furthermore, modify d saying "skyz
limitation" Y dnt u considering
dsky as ur starting point looking at
the footprints in d moon. Belief dat
d world z round nd d place which
may seems like d end may also b
only d begining, putting in mind
dat every imposibility can b
posible, using d case study of
white men entering d moon nd
imposible 4 d blacks. Keep it in
mind that there's a light at d end
of tunnel. If u fulfill all these
above,u will b within d ACE of
Therefore, i suggest that u shld
inspire 2 acquire what u desire nd
"if i can give you a thought, i have
helped you, if i can make u think,
ihave done u a service?
Have i done u a service?
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