The Road to Prosperity: India 2014

Topics: India, Indian National Congress, Politics Pages: 3 (781 words) Published: March 14, 2013
The Road To Prosperity – India 2014

 “In politics, we will have equality but in social and economic structure we will continue to deny the principle of one man one value”: This statement was made by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar on 26th January 1950 and from that day to 26th January of 2013, when India recently celebrated its 64th Republic Day, this statement seems like a truth for every organ our government. The uniqueness about Indian politics is that it creates opinion of the majority even when there is no consensus. The issues which I will raise further can be controversial but no less important because in a country like India, federal government works under strong democratic foundation based on a great ‘Political Will’. It has been in India’s culture to compare a 67 year old India with a 237 year old United States of America to underestimate India’s progress but I have found our nation is marching quite ahead of US even as India is more diverse than its major competitors. If we go through our history- from the basic policy structure made by Pandit Nehru of keeping India itself away from any alien bait and framing a preliminary foreign, agricultural and food distribution policies along with energy distribution and subsidy schemes ,all of these represent that India was matured enough from its childhood only.

Let us come to current socio-economic and political phenomena and its impact on our ‘Road to Prosperity’ where our abstract and research paper is going to focus on. Today, India is experiencing such an utter destruction in its present setup, where from the politicians to the bureaucracy, executive and judiciary- all are starving for ‘Power’. It’s our Democracy only which holds all of these together. Otherwise India also could have experienced something like Pakistan, Chinese communist’s struggle or Middle Eastern chaos. In above paragraph, where we admire India’s diversity and its luck that it got matured leaders to lead itself from such a critical start,...
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