The Road to Civil War

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  • Published : November 28, 2012
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Road to the Civil War
Joshua Douglas
Axia College University of Phoenix

It seems the United States is always at war. Our founding fathers fought the British for freedom and the Indians for land. Colonist fought each other for rights to land to grow their crops. Slaves fought for freedom and independence in this new country they were forced to live in. Slave owners fought for the right to keep their slaves so they could profit from their work. Women fought for their rights to be equal, to work outside the home and to vote. The North and the South fought each other in a Civil War for their rights to own slaves and to outlaw slaves. Why are wars important? The impact of war may seem negative at time. The loss of life and resources is tragic but many times the outcome of the war moved the United States forward shaping her into the country she is today.

Tobacco was the crop to grow. It grew successfully and was in demand. In 1620, the demand for tobacco reached an all time high and the prices of products in Europe rose. Many people from Europe were out of jobs and unable to afford the things they needed to survive and take care of their families. Many left Europe and traveled across the continent to the United States where they thought they would be able to survive. Many of the immigrants arrived in Chesapeake looking for work. They were called indentured slaves and were required to work a certain number of years. Most indentured slaves did not live their entire term due to hunger, disease and the general conditions and abuse they were put under. This was the starting point of slavery. The boom in tobacco was sure to end at some point. During these times, the economy rose and fell on a whim. Indeed, in the1630’s and 1640’s the tobacco boom settled down. Virginia became a more social and political state. Wealthy settlers rose to political offices. They formed militias and defenses to govern their parishes. Since tobacco had become less profitable, the...
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