The Road Not Taken Analysis

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The lyric poem “The Road Not Taken”, written by Robert Frost expresses his feelings about the choices he has made in his life. In this work, the speaker stands in the woods, at a fork in the road. Both paths are equally grassy and overlaid with leaves. The speaker chooses one, saying that one day; he will return and take the other, even though he knows it is unlikely that he will get the opportunity again. In this work, Frost uses many poetic devices to show his thoughts about his decision. In this critical analysis, I will show the various methods and techniques used by the author, and explain what, in my opinion, Frost was really trying to get at.

First of all, this whole poem is metaphorically comparing a fork in the road to a choice. This is an extended metaphor; meaning that it continues throughout the whole poem. The speaker has gotten to a point in his life where to continue any further, he has to make a choice on which path to take. In lines four and five, when the author says he looked down one road as far as he could, he is really saying that he was trying to predict what the future hold if he takes that path. However, we can only see a short while into our future, just as he cannot tell where the road will bring him beyond a certain point. In line six, after spending a while looking down one road, the speaker chooses the other. This implies a sudden decision. Lastly, in lines thirteen to fifteen, the author writes about how he wishes to come back to the road he left behind and see what it holds someday. However, he realizes that it is not likely that he will ever make it back to that point again because of the nature of the other path, the one he chooses. This suggests that the decision he made was a huge one, very important and life-changing.

Another important aspect of this poem is the rhyme scheme and meter. This poem has four stanzas made up of five lines each. The rhyme scheme is consistent throughout, a steady ABAAB. This means that the...
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