The Road Not Taken Analysis

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  • Published : September 4, 2011
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Imagine how much could change if a different choice was made at one point in life. In Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken”, he compares life choices to a meeting of two roads. Frost describes the comparison in many ways. By looking at metaphor, personification, and imagery, it is clear that these literary devices contribute to the overall meaning of the poem.

The entire poem is an extended metaphor. A metaphor compares two things by saying one object is another. It is implied that Frost is saying the roads are choices when he says “I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference” in lines 19 and 20. Frost’s use of this metaphor makes the poem more interesting. If he was just writing about two roads the poem would not be as exciting as it is.

Personification is used within the poem in an attempt to help the reader relate to the object. Giving nonhuman human traits is called personification. When Frost writes “because it was grassy and wanted wear” he is stating that the road can want, which it cannot because roads can’t desire. The use of personification in this poem helps the reader picture the choice better by using the road. It demonstrates a path in life that should be taken by some but is often overlooked for the more popular path without just saying it.

To help the reader feel like he or she is in the poem, imagery is used. Language that appeals to the five senses is called imagery. Imagery is used in lines 11 and 12 when Frost says “And both that morning equally lay, in leaves no step had trodden black.” This helps the reader to create mental pictures of the poem’s setting. It also helps them relate to something they are familiar with.

Robert Frost uses metaphor, personification, and imagery to add to his poem. The entire poem is an extended metaphor that compares roads to life choices. Personification is used in “The Road Not Taken” to help the reader understand what is taking place. He uses very descriptive...
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