The Road Not Taken

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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The Road Not Taken
By: Robert Frost

Imagine that your making a decision and you are stuck to choose between two things that could change and impact your life greatly. What would you do? What pathway would you take?

Robert Frost wrote ‘The Road Not Taken’ in 1916 at the age of 42 in New England, Massachusetts. ‘The Road Not Taken’ is one of his most popular works due to the ideology of choices that people would have to face in their life. In the early 20th century, Robert Frost based the majority of his poems from rural life in New England, where he grew up. Robert Frost was highly regarded for his deep, realistic understanding of rural life and using elaborate social and philosophical themes in his works.

This poem explores a dilemma in which the poet’s describes his feeling and curiosity in which pathway to take and the regret he felt when making his decision. ‘The Road Not Taken’ is a form of an extended metaphor for people’s life journey not just walking in the woods and figuring out which pathway to take. This poem consists of 5 lines and 4 stanzas with a rhyme scheme of ABAAB with a narrative tone.

In ‘The Road Not Taken’ he implemented the setting on a rural area in New England in a deep forest that was set in autumn. This imagery can be illustrated in the first line of the poem, “Yellow wood”. This sensory image celebrates the power of the natural world through the season autumn.

In the first stanza of the poetry, the poet is giving background information on the situation that he is facing at the moment. This is illustrated in the first two lines of the poem when, “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood”. This quote highlights that there are two appealing pathways to go in the woods, however the traveller “could not travel both”.

The poet foregrounds which pathway to choose and he is figuring out which road to take. This demonstrates the inner conflict of the poet’s in making this decision. Imagery is used in “the two roads diverged” to...
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